Rules of the Forum (Last Update 9/25/08)

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Rules of the Forum (Last Update 9/25/08)

Post  MistressOfPuppets on Thu Sep 25, 2008 9:05 pm

Rules of the Forum

All rules take effect immediately after becoming a member. I’m glad you found your way to Forbidden Fruit Forums and I hope your stay is super special awesome.

No Spamming
- Spam is nonsense/gibberish that no one understands
- Double Posting
- Advertisements in forums or private messaging system
- Cross posting-posting the same thing over whether it is in the same section or not
- No smiley posts, your threads need words not just pictures
- Any post less than 5 words will be considered spam
- Chain letters are not allowed

Don't post unrelated topics
- Check out the topics before you post them and ensure they are in the right places in the forum
- Don’t post the same topic as another thread, all duplicates will be deleted, so please check the forum for threads that have already been written.
- If we’re talking about L vs. Light, we don’t want any coming in posting “Misa Misa forever!” or “Matsuda’s the smex!”

No Swearing
- Censor your language, since people of all age comes to our forum any excessive swearing is not allowed

No Flaming
- Any personal attacks will not be tolerated.
- Respect all members
- No racial/degrading/biased sexual preference/bashing allowed

Illegal Material
- No illegal videos/discussions/links/manga scans of any sorts

Use Spoiler alert when it's required
- Yes, not all of us have read the manga or seen the anime so be considerate and not spoil it for others
- There is a spoiler button under “other” when you are posting so please use that
- Read spoilers at your risk, you can’t complain about reading a spoiler if the spoiler button has been used

Advertise in the appropriate thread
- Look for the advertisement section to post advertisements

Only one name is allowed to register per household
- Registering with multiple names is not allowed and is subject to ban if found by a mod
or an admin

All Moderators and Admins can change the rules if seen fit. Have an amazing time on the forums =]


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