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Post  MistressOfPuppets on Thu Sep 25, 2008 9:38 pm

Staff Ranks:
Detective L- Administrator
SPK Member- Moderator
Wammy Kid- Trainee Moderator

Regular Ranks:

Colleg Student- 0 Posts
Police Officer- 50 Posts
Kira Investigation Taskforce- 100 Posts
Deputee Director-150 Posts
Chief of Police-200 Posts
Detective-250 Posts
Wammy Orphan- 300 Posts
Death Note User- 300 Posts
Second Kira- 350 Posts
Successor of L- 400 Posts

Second L-500 Posts
Kira- 600 Posts
Shinigami- 700 Posts
Rogue Shinigami- 800 Posts
Shinigami King- 900 Posts
Beyond Birthday- 1000 Posts
Lord Kira- 1500
L- 2000
Custom Rank- 2500

Detective L
Detective L

Number of posts : 4
Location : Basically, I'm Everywhere... I would check under your bed
Registration date : 2008-09-25

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